Open-to-Buy Settings: OTB tab

Note: Retail Toolkit refers to top-level categories, meaning categories without a parent, as departments. Departments have child categories, and categories have child subcategories.

Limit Category OTB based on Department OTB

This dropdown allows you to choose whether or not to limit the open-to-buy fill-in amounts for each category to the fill-in amount of its parent department. For example, if set to Yes and your recommended fill-in amount for your Bikes department is $10,000, the recommended fill-in for any child category within Bikes will never exceed $10,000, the max of its parent department.

Limit Subcategory OTB based on Category OTB

Same as above, but this limits a subcategory's fill-in recommendations to its parent category.

OTB Model

Select whether the recommended fill-in amounts would increase your quantity, in dollars, to the calculated target QoH, or the max of the OTB range.

Default to Include Incoming POs in QoH

Select which locations, if any, will check the Include Incoming POs box by default when creating a new report.