Open-to-Buy Settings: Trending Tab

Adjust the parameters in the inventory tool's trending settings for your store's unique needs.

Trending Period

Set the custom trending period to be displayed in the OTB Report.

  • 90 days is the default

Future Forecast Period

This number represents the number of days being forecasted.

  • 90 days is the default

Adjust Forecast By Trend

Decide if the trending period below impacts the future sales forecast.

  • Yes means adjust the future forecast by the trending period selected 
  • No means ignore the trending period

Trending Period

Select a 90- or 365-day historical trending period for OTB forecast.

Custom Future Forecast Periods

To set custom periods, navigate to OTB Settings, under Inventory->Settings, and click the Trending tab. At the bottom of this page, create up to four custom forecast periods that will display in your Open-to-Buy report as new columns. These custom periods are only for display in the report and are not factored into the OTB forecasts.

  • Use the checkboxes to enable/disable any of these periods
  • The Start and End days determine which future periods to view.
    • If needed, the periods can overlap, so you could have a "31-60 days" period as well as a "45-90 days" period.
    • In the Label field apply a customized name to these columns that displays in the OTB report.

Once one or more periods are enabled, they will display on the next-generated OTB Report, under the Trending heading.

Note: The enabled columns will appear on every default report view until unchecked in the settings above.

Advanced Parameters

To view advanced parameters, click the "Show Advanced Parameters button.

Caution: Advanced parameters are only for experienced users and are not always fully documented. If you are unsure of a parameter's functionality, please contact support before making changes.

Trending Percentage

This list of categories allows retailers to determine the weighting of the trending period data into the sales forecasts for each category.