Order Statuses

Use Order Statuses to keep your customers informed and to organize your online orders.

Default Order Statuses and Adding Custom Statuses

Order statuses are customer-facing information and will help keep your online customers informed of the progress of their order being processed and shipped. Be sure to keep the order status updated as move through handling your online orders.

  • View default order statuses under Orders > Status Types.
    • These include Received, Being Processed, Cancelled and Completed.
    • "Received" is automatically applied to an order when a customer first places it.
  • Add your own custom statuses that align with your order processing procedures - for example, "On Hold" and "On Backorder".
  • Use the option to "Include In Open Orders" as a reminder that further action is required for these Status Types. 

Order Status Options

Within the Status Types screen, you can control when an order is moved from Open Orders, whether or not it appears on Sales Reports, and when the CVC is deleted using the checkboxes. We recommend only having Completed orders included in the sales reports.

  • Selecting the option to "Delete CVC" would allow the CVC to be deleted earlier if your order was completed sooner.

All CVCs are automatically deleted 24 hours after an order has been placed.