Page Settings

Pages on your website help you inform, connect, and engage with customers while helping them find the products they need.

This page covers the Page Settings menu within the Responsive Page Editor. If you are interested in adding or editing pages, read Building a Page or Adding Pages to Your Website

From the Responsive Page Editor, click Page Settings in the upper right to access these options.

Basic Page Settings

  • Enter a Page Title, something short but descriptive. Often on pre-built pages, we've filled this in.
  • Choose whether or not to display the title, which is generally not recommended.
  • To hide a page from visitors and search engines, click the mark page inactive checkbox.
  • If you’d like this page to be active during a certain window only, you may add both start and end dates.
    • Start Date (starts at 12:00 am pst)
    • End Date (ends at 11:59 pm pst)
  • Organize the page into a specific folder to make it easy to find an edit in the future.
  • You may also add internal comments if desired, these are not visible to site visitors.

Advanced Page Settings

  • Choose whether the page opens in new window.
  • Select an Alternative Page Setting you've created. You can create an Alternative Page Setting under Settings > Website > Site Settings.
  • Set the directory folder.
  • Add a Title Tag, this displays in the browser tab along with Search Engine Results.

Meta Settings

  • Set a Meta Description for the page, this is a 2-3 sentence brief on the contents of the page that appears to search visitors.
  • Read more on search engine optimization on your SmartEtailing site here.

Styles and Javascript

  • Set page-specific CSS and Javascript.