QBP P.A.L. Pricing

QBP will sticker your items for you, for a small fee, and those prices will reflect on your site differently.

What is the P.A.L. (Price and Labeling) Program?

(From the QBP website)  PAL is a program where your QBP orders will arrive pre-labeled for easy identification, allowing you to receive items, and put them directly on your sales floor. 

Pre-labeled orders simplify checking in inventory by using bar code scanners to receive product, even those without a manufacturer UPC. Bulk packaged and small parts bags labeled with a product description and price can ensure accuracy.

P.A.L. Label Information

  • Label data is configurable per item on QBP.com and visible throughout the site.
  • Simply order a part and make edits at the preview cart screen.
  • Price, unit of sale, description, and barcode can be edited.
  • If your POS system has QBP data already, a file of all QBP parts can be uploaded through QBP.com at any time.

QBP P.A.L. Pricing Integration

 Integrating your custom QBP P.A.L. file into your Supplier Sync pricing is easy to do.

  • Verify with QBP that your P.A.L. account is properly setup
  • Provide SmartEtailing with your QBP account number and your unique QBP API Key
  • We will enable the QBP custom pricing feature.
  • Contact Client Services to activate P.A.L. custom pricing. 
  • Note: SmartEtailing only recognizes the P.A.L. prices that are set at the Item level.

If you have selected both POS Sync Pricing and QBP P.A.L. Pricing

  •  We process your pricing files each night.
  • If you have different prices for a single item the file that was processed most recently will be the price that appears.
  • Correct any pricing errors in your point of sale or at QBP, depending on where the error is found.
  • You can review the files you send us to determine where the incorrect price is.

Call QBP Customer service at 800.346.0004, or e-mail: palinfo@qbp.com if you have more questions. It takes about 15 minutes over the phone to complete the initial setup.