Adjust and set information pertaining to payroll.


Update employee list from the Point of Sale (POS) and edit employee information.

Note: All employees are imported from the Point of Sale system, new employees cannot be added directly to Retail Toolkit.

  • The "Export / Import Employees" button can be used to download a spreadsheet to be filled out then re-uploaded to the system to update employee information in bulk.
  • Otherwise, click an employee's name to add or edit information.
  • Choose the appropriate Department that was previously set above.
  • Enter compensation as either Hourly Wage or Annual Salary (do not enter both).
  • If the employee is Salary then enter the typical amount of weekly hours worked in the "Weekly Hours" box.
  • Checking the SKU commissions box tells Retail Toolkit to include any POS SKU commissions in Payroll.  This is separate from the Commission Schemes that's available within Retail Toolkit.

  • If Commissions have been setup in Retail Toolkit then select the appropriate "Category Commissions" boxes.
  • Press the "Save" button before moving on.

Commission Schemes

Assign all setup Commissions to specific employees.

Payroll Budget

Adjust the payroll budget that is used within the scheduler.

  • In Retail Toolkit, go to: Staff & Payroll > Payroll > Payroll Budget.
  • Press the "Edit" button for the appropriate pay period.
  • Enter the target budget either as Budget Dollars or Budget Percent based on the Payroll Goal Basis set above.  These budgets only reflect hourly wages and salaries and do not include spending on worker's compensation, benefits, or other staffing expenses.
  • Press the "Save" button before moving on.
  • The "Export / Import Budget" button on the main Payroll Budget screen downloads a spreadsheet template that can be filled out then uploaded to the system instead of editing each pay period individually. 


Tip:  Many bicycle shops strive for a labor budget of 17% to 23% of revenue.  That is a good starting point if one is needed then work to reduce that percentage over time.

Actual Payroll

View actual amounts spent on payroll for prior periods.

  • In Retail Toolkit, go to: Staff & Payroll > Payroll > Actual Payroll.
  • Payroll information for prior pay periods will be displayed.
  • Use the "Export/Import Actual Payroll" to download a spreadsheet that can be populated then uploaded to the system for any missing periods.

Actual Hours

Only use this section if directed here by our Client Success team to upload Actual Payroll Hours as these numbers are automatically imported from the POS system automatically.