Working With POS Sync

POS Sync will make your website a more accurate reflection of what's in your store. It will require a small time commitment to ensure that it remains accurate.

Weekly Maintenance

  • POS Sync > Process Items: review Pending Mapping and map items.

    • This could be as frequent as daily, depending on how often shipments arrive that may contain new products.

  • POS Sync >Mapping Search: Select ‘Missing SKUs' then select Delete all MPN/GTIN Mismatch / Missing SKU Mappings.

    • These are items that used to be in stock but are no longer included in your file.

  • Catalog > Your Items > Mapped = No : Select the Delete Display and review items in your catalog that are not mapped to confirm whether they should remain on your site. 

    • Check the Delete checkbox to remove items no longer needed. Save changes.
    • Any Library item deleted reverts to the Library and can be imported again.
    • Products you created that are deleted will no longer be available.

Get More Products to Appear

 Find out what isn't showing up on your site and make the needed adjustments to get it there.

Check out our Troubleshooting Products guide.