Troubleshoot Pricing

Why is "insert product name" showing up on my site for the wrong price?

Sale Pricing Not Displaying?

Sale start date and end dates in your point of sale system can drive what appears on your site if you are using POS Sync.

  • If sale prices are not displaying and you have set them in your point of sale, you can try to re-process your inventory file.
    • Go to POS Sync > File Upload Log.
      • This will show you the last file we received as well as when we uploaded and processed it.
    • If you have sent a new file in since the last processing click the button near the top of the screen that says Run File Processing Now.
      • It may say Full or Partial file. Either way it's okay to click that button to update your pricing.
      • If the button is greyed out you will need to send a new file from your point of sale to be able to run file processing.
  • Lightspeed Users 

    • Sale pricing can be set using a price level in Lightspeed, then editing items one by one to add a price for that price level.
    • OR you can login to your website and go to Your Items
      • Filter by Brand, Category, and/or Model Year for products you'd like to put on sale
      • Click Display to see the list
      • Enter a Sale Start Date at the very top of the list and use the clipboard icon to carry that down the page. You can do the same for the Sale End Date.
      • Enter the sale price item by item.
      • Or you can enter the percent discount for all items on the page at the top, and copy. 
        • Items with variations in pricing will need to be updated individually
      • Save Changes for this page, before proceeding to the next page.

Is this item mapped to your POS System or to a Supplier? 

Go to Catalog > Library Items > Filter by keyword (enter model name or partial model name), Brand and model year, if known.

  • On the far right column - click the green and/or black dot.
  • If there is a green dot that mean this has been mapped to your POS.
  • Black dot means mapped to supplier(s).
  • It can be both green and black.

If item is mapped to POS system (green dot)

Is the incorrect price listed on the tab titled POS?

  • Is this the correct product? What’s listed on the POS tab in Description column?
  • If it is the correct product, the item price needs to be corrected in your POS system.
  • If not the same product, delete the item mapping on this screen. Note whether it is MPN or GTIN (which one is bold?)
    • If it’s MPN, do NOT check the box to connect these two items again when it comes back in to Pending Mapping.
    • If it’s GTIN, confirm the Item UPC/GTIN in your POS that is attached to this item. It will continue to map until it’s fixed.
    • You can make the catalog item POS Exempt in Your Items - Edit Item > Price/Stock Keeping > Stock Keeping so it will stop linking the two items.

If mapped to a Supplier or Brand (black dot)

Is the supplier price on your site the High MSRP or Low MSRP?
  • Confirm which has been selected  (high or low) by default under Supplier /Brand > Supplier Sync. This is a global setting cannot be controlled by brand or category.
  • Is the supplier price incorrect? Contact us and share a link to the item on your site and the issue.

If mapped to a Supplier and the item is in Your Items

  • The price will not update automatically unless mapped to your POS. 
  • Delete the item from Your Items to remove it from your site and revert to it's default Library price. 
  • Note: this is also true - If there are Promotional Prices in effect from the Supplier, those prices will not appear on the site for any item in Your Items that is not mapped to the POS.

If not mapped to a Supplier and the item is NOT in Your Items

  •  The item should not be showing on the website. 
  • Save Changes in Supplier/ Brand >  Supplier Sync to re-index the catalog.

If not mapped to POS, but it might have been at one time

Go to Supplier/Brand > Supplier Sync > Custom Prices

  • Prices from the POS are ‘sticky’ so an old price may still be stuck in Custom Prices even if the item is no longer mapped to the POS.
  • Look up and remove the custom price.
  • You can Delete All Custom Prices at the bottom of the screen. It will clear out every item that matches your selected parameters at the top of the screen.

Further Troubleshooting

Be sure to check POS Sync > Settings and File Upload Log
  • Confirm that the regular price and sale prices  are checked to use POS pricing.
  • Also confirm you have not checked the POS Flags boxes, (for non-Lightspeed users) which could be affecting what shows up
  • Confirm the File Upload Log date. What is the date of the last POS file sent - is it recent?