QBP Retail Fulfillment Services

Drop ship qualifying products to consumers directly from QBP distribution centers.

QBP Retail Fulfillment Services integrates with the SmartEtailing Supplier Fulfillment interface so that you can request fulfillment (drop-ship) from QBP directly to your customers. You can manage the entire order process from your SmartEtailing website.


QBP Retail Fulfillment Services (RFS) is a program offered by Quality Bicycle Products which gives qualifying retailers access to drop-ship capabilities from either the QBP B2B portal or through an integration with SmartEtailing. These services include Retail to Home and Web to Home.

SmartEtailing Supplier Fulfillment is a feature offered by SmartEtailing that allows suppliers to connect their drop ship programs to retailer websites like yours. QBP is one of a select number of supplier partners for this service.

Request approval for RFS from QBP

Complete the short online application process with QBP to access Retail Fulfillment Services. Once approved by QBP for access to RFS, you'll be able to continue connecting the QBP service to your SmartEtailing website.

Enable Supplier Fulfillment on your SmartEtailing Website

In order to connect your SmartEtailing website to QBP Retail Fulfillment Service you need a Professional SmartEtailing website and to request that SmartEtailing enable your Supplier  Fulfillment Service add-on subscription. The service is an additional $35 per month. 

If you don't have this add-on, it takes just a few moments to sign up here.

  • Once this has been added to your site you'll need to activate it under Supplier/Brands > Supplier Fulfillment. 

If you already have Supplier Fulfillment active on other supplier drop ship programs, all you need to do to activate QBP is make sure your Dealer ID and Location ID (Your Ship-to Number) are correct under Supplier/Brand > Supplier Accounts. Check the box under Supplier/Brand Supplier Fulfillment for QBP and save changes.

Configure your site for e-commerce

Connecting your website to a drop ship program empowers you to sell product that directly ships from a supplier warehouse. Your website needs to be configured to properly display QBP products and transact with consumers online.

  • Turn On Your Cart.
  • Setup a Ground Shipping Method.
  • Check your Supplier Sync settings for QBP.
    • Make sure that you have QBP - MN selected, but it benefits you to have all QBP warehouses active. 
    • Exclude any brands you don't want showing up on your site for purchase.
  • Ensure your Order Notices are configured.
  • Place a test order (being sure not to select a brand in the Brand Exclusion list below) and request fulfillment to fully understand the process.

Order processing for Retail Fulfillment Services

When a consumer places any order on your SmartEtailing website, an email notification is sent to the address(s) that you configured for your website. You will interact with the order management process as normal, following this process to request fulfillment from QBP.

    Start by navigating to Orders > Open Orders.

    • Click the green pencil next to your new order.
    • Scroll down to Order Contents.
      • Click Request Supplier Fulfillment button below the line items for the order.
      • Any items that can be fulfilled by QBP will appear in the resulting pop-up modal.
      • Select the warehouse you want to fulfill each item from and confirm item quantities.
      • Click Submit.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the order and mark as "Being Processed," or if you've created a status for supplier fulfillment, label the order status accordingly, and click Submit & Back.
    • Create a purchase order in your POS system, and then receive it, so your inventory balances correctly.
    • Note the brands that are excluded from Supplier Fulfillment. Product fulfillment requests from these brands will be cancelled.
    • See more information about Fulfilling Orders.

    Additional Information

    • Shipping for Fulfillment orders will be $10 each box of normal sized items, and $15 per over sized item.
      • For example a car rack could cost $25 to ship, whereas a folding tire would only cost $10.
    • You should receive emails with confirmation of receipt of the fulfillment order, as well as confirmation of shipment with tracking information from QBP.
      • You can modify these email settings within your QBP account.