Refunding an Online Order

Sometimes customers change their minds. Refunding your customers is quick and easy through your Site Manager.

To begin, navigate to Orders > Order Search.

  • Adjust the dates to be appropriate, and search the last name on the order.
  • Click the green pencil next to the order.
  • Scroll down to Order Contents and click the red circular arrow next to any items that are being refunded.
    • Note the amount that now reads in the parentheses in Balance Due.
  • Scroll down further to Payments/Authorizations and click the blue box, or the red circular arrow.
    • A pop up will appear, fill in the amount listed in Balance Due into the refund amount.
    • Select a reason for the refund, if applicable.
    • Click the button at the bottom of the pop up to refund their money.
  • Within Payments/Authorizations you should now see the appropriate amount marked as refunded, and your Balance Due should now read Paid in Full.

Other Scenarios

You may need to refund shipping for an order if a customer changes their mind. The steps are similar to above, but have a crucial difference.

  • Scroll down to Order Calculator.
    • Adjust the shipping cost or taxes as necessary.
    • Click the "Recalc Total" button.
  • Scroll further down and click the blue box in Payments/Authorizations, and issue a partial refund for the amount listed in red at the bottom of the Order Calculator section.

Refunds can take 3-14 business days to process back to the customers bank account.