Refunding an Online Order

Sometimes customers change their minds. Refunding your customers is quick and easy through your Site Manager.

To begin, navigate to Orders > Order Search.

  • Adjust the dates to be appropriate, and search the last name on the order.
  • Click the green pencil next to the order.
  • Scroll down to Order Contents and click the red circular arrow next to any items that are being refunded.
    • Note the amount that now reads in the parentheses in Balance Due.
  • Scroll down further to Payments/Authorizations and click the blue box, or the red circular arrow.
    • A pop up will appear, fill in the amount listed in Balance Due into the refund amount.
    • Select a reason for the refund, if applicable.
    • Click the button at the bottom of the pop up to refund their money.
  • Within Payments/Authorizations you should now see the appropriate amount marked as refunded, and your Balance Due should now read Paid in Full.

Refunds can take 3-7 business days to process back to the customers bank account.