Sales Snapshot

Easily view sales information in a quick look format.

  • In Retail Toolkit, go to: Sales > Snapshot.
  • In the top right corner there is a day selector.  Today will be the default day, click on the day to change to a previous days information.

Graph Breakdown

  • All metrics pull in automatically from your Point of Sale (POS) and are broken down by location.
  • By default, the numbers shown are a percentage.  Utilize the toggle in the top right corner of each graph to change to a dollar amount.
  • On the percentage view, if the number is red and is accompanied by a down arrow then that metric is down by that percent.  If the number is green and is accompanied by an up arrow then that metric is up by that percent.
  • By default the Goal and Stretch Goal are set to be based on a historical 3 year average.  To adjust how the goals are determined including the weights of each year for the 3 year average, visit the Settings for the sales module.
  • The score is a quick glance indicator for you to easily see the health of your shop.  Think of the score as a grade out of 100.  The score is comprised of the Sales, Profit, and Margin metrics.  By default Sales are 40% of the score, Profit is 50% of the score and Margin is 10% of the score.  These weights can be adjusted in the Settings for the sales module.
  • MTD = Month to Date
  • YTD = Year to Date

YTD Scoring (Year to Date Scoring)

  • A quick view chart showing how the overall score for each location has been trending over a period of time.