Sales Tax

Learn how to set up and manage sales tax collection for your online business.

Note: We are not tax professionals, for any questions regarding taxes or tax rates, our answers cannot be construed as legal advice. Always consult a tax professional for how to properly collect sales tax for your business.

Effective Nov 9, 2021. The states, provinces, and territories that you are currently collecting sales tax in as a nexus have been ported over into SmartEtailing's updated sales tax service.

This will include any per-store sales tax overrides and state/province level rates for in store transactions if those were being used.

For Canadian merchants, the tax will be migrated with the correct PST, GST, HST, or QST notation for the collecting province. 

Please review your sales tax settings to make sure they are configured correctly.


SmartEtailing’s sales tax integration partners with TaxJar to calculate the appropriate tax on shipped and Home delivery orders.

Taxjar validates the address and then (allowing for nexus requirements) calculates the appropriate roof-top rate for the customer. Pickup in store orders will continue to use a flat rate structure that can be configured for each store.

You will need to configure sales tax for both delivery regions you have nexus in as well as each of your store locations.


In your site manager, navigate to Settings > Sales Tax.

  • Under Countries, add the states or regions you have nexus in (if you've configured sales tax settings previously, those settings will be pre-populated)
  • Under In-store tax rates, enter the appropriate sales tax rate for each of your locations. If a rate is empty, no tax will be collected for in store pickup orders at that location. Don't forget to maintain this list by adding rates for any new locations and adjusting rates as needed.

Sales tax display

In your site manager when viewing Order Details, you can now view sales tax broken out by tax jurisdiction for each order. Just click sales tax to view the details in a pop up.


Settings and configuration for your business vary by country. These guides may be helpful:

For US businesses - Guide to nexus laws by state

For Canadian businesses - Tax rates by province