Service Appointment Tool

Help customers request service drop off times without altering your existing service department management process.

This tool helps cyclists schedule drop-off appointments online without impacting your established service department management process. Customers can request a drop-off time for their repair, and you can clearly communicate expectations about estimates and timelines.



In your site manager, navigate to Service > Settings

Your Schedule

  1. Under Manage schedules, create a schedule for each location that will be accepting online service appointments.
    1. Select the days you will be accepting appointments by clicking the checkbox next to each day.
    2. Select start and end times to create drop-off windows.
    3. Enter the number of mechanics you expect to have. This controls the number of slots available.
    4. Set up one-hour blocks which customers can drop off. Availability is based on the number of blocks multiplied by the number of mechanics.
    5. Clients will be able to schedule next-day appointments until 5pm the day prior. After 5pm, they will be able to book the next available day.

Block Dates
You can block off certain dates during the holidays, store closures, and days you don't want to receive online bookings. Navigate to each store's schedule via the green edit pencil. Enter the dates you wish to block off in the Block Dates card.

Your Services

Create a menu of up to 10 services for your customers to select. These services will show across all locations if you have multiple locations.
  1. Under What services do you offer? enter a service type and a price (if desired)
  2. Click Add
  3. The item will now display in a text box along with "Other".
  4. To remove an item you've created, click the X next to the item.
  5. "Other" is a default and cannot be removed.

Your Messages

Customize the messages your customers will see during the booking process and in a confirmation email (these are pre-populated with optimized text). This space is valuable to communicate expectations around this being a drop off time - and set timeline and estimate expectations.

Link to Scheduler

  1. Under Content > Page Editor, navigate to the page you wish to display Service Appointments on. You may add a link anywhere on your site; we recommend your Service page and Home Page.
  2. Add a Call to Action block by clicking Blocks > Call to Action. Drag the block onto your page.
  3. Replace the default "Learn More" text with appropriate text such as "Service Appointment" or "Book a Service Appointment."
  4. Click your button text to open the link editor.
  5. Click the Appointment Link icon (calendar). This will create the correct link destination for your Service Appointment widget.
  6. Save page -- You can preview the page to view the widget if desired.

Free homepage content
Promote on your homepage with Service Appointment Tool marketing content.


To view scheduled appointments, navigate to Service > Appointments

  • You can view appointments by store.
  • You can search appointments by client name.
  • You can filter by date range.
  • Click the eye icon to view details of each appointment.
  • Click the trash icon to delete appointments (If you delete an appointment, you will need to notify that customer. Customers will not be automatically notified).