Set Sales and Margin Goals

Determine your store's goals and stretch goals for sales and margin in Retail Toolkit.


In your Retail Toolkit Account - Navigate to Sales -> Settings -> Goals and Scoring
  • This section sets the overall Sales margins by overall category. 
  • The Sales Dashboard will show the numbers in color so you can see at a glance whether you are above, below or on target.

Set the Goal Basis

  •  Click the Goals Misc. tab, and decide your goal basis. Both sales and margin goals will be based on this setting.
    • 3 Year Average: Percentage change against the weighted 3 year average
      • 3 Years is default average
    • Last Year: Percentage change against over the previous year.
      • Default is 5% increase
    • Absolute Dollar Amount: Set a specific dollar amount as a goal.
    • Configure per location: Select a different goal basis for each location, and choose to base the goal off of another location's historical sales data.
    • When done, click Save.

    History Averaging

    If choosing the 3 Year Average goal basis:

    • Use these fields to enter a percentage for each of the previous 3 years to modify how they are calculated into the weighted average.
    • Click Save.

    Enter Your Goals

    • Click the appropriate tabs to access Sales Goals or Margin Goals.
    • Add percentage or dollar goals for each location for each month in the relevant fields, or import goals in bulk from a spreadsheet using the Export/Import Sales Goals page. The sum of these percentages should be 100%.
      • When using a percentage, enter the % of increase of prior periods. 
        • So a 5% sales or margin goal would be an increase in total sales, or an increase in the prior margin attained.
    • Click Save.

    Refresh Sales

    Setting Goals for New Year

    Many features in Retail Toolkit, like scheduling employees after December 31, rely on the existence of sales goals for the new year. Below are instructions for duplicating an existing year's goals.

    • Navigate to Sales -> Settings -> Goals and Scoring -> Sales Goals
    • In the year drop-down at the top-right of the page, select the last option "Copy _____", where the blank is filled with the most recent available year.
    • In the pop-up, insert the year for which you'd like to create your store's goals, and click "OK".
    • At this point, you will be able to complete goal-dependent tasks for the next year, for example, creating staff schedules past December 31, but be sure to add your actual goals to the new year before the end of December.

    • To do so, click the drop-down again on the Sales Goals settings page and select the new year, then insert or upload your new sales goals and click "Save".