Set Up and Launch Your Rewards Program

A checklist of setup steps to be completed before sharing your new program with customers.

Brand Your Rewards Program

  • Navigate to Customers -> Rewards -> Settings.
  • Add your program name, logo, and accent color.
  • Enter the email address Rewards emails will be sent from, and add the store or program name that will appear in customers' inboxes.
  • Click Save.
  • This is how Rewards looks for your customer (with your logo, program name and accent color).

Set Up Membership Tiers

Creating membership tiers entices customers to spend more in your store to earn higher membership status. Customizing your tiers' names, descriptions, points thresholds, and colors are great ways to align your loyalty program to your store's branding. They can be set anyway you'd like, but you will need at least one tier.

  • Navigate to Customer > Rewards > Tiers.
  • Set parameters for Membership Tiers, such as:
    • Tier Name: Your custom name for the tier. Try to use names that match your program branding.
    • Tier Description: The description for each tier that will be displayed to customers.
    • Point Threshold: The number of points a customer will need to earn before being admitted to the tier.
    • Color: Accent color for the tier.

    When finished, click Save.

    Create Rewards in Your RTK Account

    Determine your Reward levels and create a reward for each one.

    • Name the Reward. Your customers will see this when they login to your rewards platform
    • Create a unique Code for each reward. You'll need this to ring up these items when a customer want to redeem their points.
      • Copying the existing product SKU in your point of sale and adding "-R" is a great option, but any unique SKU will work.  
    • Set the points value that a consumer will need to be eligible for that reward

    Create Rewards in Your Point of Sale

    • In your point-of-sale system, create a unique SKU for each reward that matches what you set in RTK, with a $0 price for any product, except gift card. 
    • For gift card rewards, you will want them to have a negative dollar amount in your POS so that a credit will be created at checkout when a customer gets that reward.
    • You can not create a reward that would add points for a consumer.

    Redeem Rewards During the Transaction

    Once you've verified a customer's points in RTK, add the reward SKU to the transaction.

    • The SKU matching the reward code will report back to your RTK account and the points are deducted from their balance.
    • Keep a list of the Rewards SKUs near your registers for easy redemptions.
    • We find that almost all Gift Card rewards are redeemed as a payment on a new in-store purchase, with very few customers getting an actual gift card.

    Create Rewards Customer Setup Email

    There are two Rewards program member emails New Account Verification and Password Reset. Both emails need to be set up before sharing your Rewards URL.

    Do not delete the Merge Codes account_verification_url and password_reset_url from the email body.

    • Once done, check the box labeled "Active" and click Save.
      • If you're not ready for the email to be sent, you can leave the Active button unchecked.
      • Emails will not go out to your customers until you have made it Active
    Set the Grace Period

    Whether you’re launching a new program or trying to entice customers to join, you may decide to offer your customers the points they would have earned if they had joined your program sooner. In RTK, we call this a grace period, and it’s measured in days.

    Note: When making this change, the system will award points to existing program members from purchases they made prior to changing the setting, if applicable.

    Ready to Launch?

    Once the above steps are completed, confirm that...

    • Your staff is knowledgeable about the details of your new program, including how to add in-store customers.
    • Your Verification and Password emails are set to "Active".
    • Your Rewards URL is shown on your website and social media.
    • Customers will need to register for a rewards account via the Rewards URL before they begin accruing rewards from their purchases.

    View a Customer's Rewards 

    When a customer signs up for Rewards that will appear on the Customer Page

    • Find it under Customers> Lookup, using the search box to find them.
      • Click "View Profile".
    • This screen shows current points along with the date they signed up for rewards. 
    • Rewards points typically appear within 30 minutes, but can take as long as overnight.
    • If you are not seeing your customers points after 24 hours, please contact us.