Set Up Employees

Add and edit staff information in Retail Toolkit Staff & Payroll tools.

Import Employees from Point of Sale

Retail Toolkit relies on the your point-of-sale system to be the original record for employees. Be sure they've been added there before importing to RTK.

  • Navigate to Staff & Payroll -> Payroll -> Employees and Refresh Employees from Data Source to sync your point-of-sale system's employee records to Retail Toolkit. You may choose to do this for the entire company, or just one location.

  • Click an employee's name to edit their record. Here you can add or edit their name, their active/inactive status, and their compensation, including any possible commission schemes that apply.
  • To import employee information in bulk, Click Export/Import Employees on the Employee List page, download and complete the template spreadsheet, and import it back into RTK. Note that this feature will not add employees to RTK, only add information for existing employees. Please add new staff to point of sale.

Activate, Deactivate, or Reactivate Employees

If an employee leaves their job, you may want to deactivate them in Retail Toolkit to keep reports and schedules organized.

  • Navigate to your employee list at or at Staffing & Payroll → Payroll → Employees
  • Click the name of the employee you wish to edit.
  • Locate the "Inactive" checkbox at the bottom of the Basic Info section and check it to make them inactive in your roster, then click Save.
  • If you need to reactivate them at any point, check the "Show inactive employees" box on the Employee list page click their name, and uncheck the "Inactive" box in their record. Be sure to click Save.

Merge Duplicate Employee Records

Older versions of point-of-sale systems stored a unique employee record for each staff person at each store location. Today, they utilize a single record for each member of staff, regardless of the location or locations they work in.

Older employee imports into RTK may still include multiple records for a single employee, but they can easily be merged into one record.

Create and Assign Employee Commissions

Many retailers choose commission-based compensation for their sales staff. In this article, we'll review how to create the various commission schemes your store might need, how they're earned, and assign them to the appropriate staff.

Create Commission Schemes

  • Visit the Staff & Payroll Settings page, and click the Commission tab. Click the Unlock Parameters button to begin editing the settings.
  • SKU Level Commissions: Select whether the commissions are based on percentages or fixed dollar amounts. If your store doesn't offer SKU-level commissions, leave both unchecked.
  • Category-Level Commissions: Click "+ Add Row" and fill out the fields with the new scheme's:
    • Scheme Name: Your custom name for this commission scheme.
    • Category: What product category/subcategory will earn the commission when sold.
    • Commission percentage: What percent of the product's margin or sales dollars will be paid as commission.
    • Basis: Determines if commission earned is a percentage of eligible products' margin dollars or sales dollars.
    • Check the last box if the product must be sold at MSRP/Sale Price for a commission to be earned.
  • SKU Category Overlap: When a sold product is eligible for a commission under both the SKU- and Category-level schemes, select which one takes priority, or if both are calculated.

Assign Commission Schemes to Staff

  • Assign Commissions Individually
    • Visit the Employees list page and click the name of the staff person you'd like to receive commissions.
    • Check the box or boxes that correspond with the scheme(s) they'll be earning under.
  • Assign Commissions in Bulk
    • To assign schemes to several employees at once, navigate to the Bulk Assign Commission Scheme page
    • Click the dropdown to select a commission scheme to assign.
    • Check the box next to all employees eligible for that commission scheme.
    • Repeat with all schemes as necessary.