Set Store Hours in Retail Toolkit

Increase the accuracy of traffic metrics and other reporting.

Setting up your store's hours is essential to refining the traffic data to cut out traffic that is seen outside of business hours, like staff or deliveries.

  • Add the start date and end date, as well as the open and close times for each day, and check the locations these hours apply to.
  • Create another set of hours for locations where the open and close times might be different, click Add Row, add alternate hours to that row, and check the appropriate location boxes.

  • Add Special Hours for holidays or events, complete and add rows there the same way.
  • Refresh Traffic to reflect the updated hours.
  • You will need to select the Whole Store if you have multiple locations
  • Set the date range to January 1.

Now, traffic reporting will show only the data from the hours you're open.

These hours are only a filter, they don't delete or change the actual data, so if your hours change or if there was an error, make the necessary changes and refresh traffic to see those updates.