Setting Up Domain Based Email

Choose a new email service and take steps to migrate your email to the new inboxes.

Your hosted email through SmartEtailing will no longer function on December 1st 2020.

Setting up a new email service isn't nearly as scary as it sounds. There are a few easy steps to follow, and you will see no interruption of your email service while you do this. These basic steps pair with the specific guides for a few recommended services to help you through the process start to finish.

Rackspace offers a service that fully imports all your current email and contact data to a new Rackspace hosted email account. If you stay with Rackspace, you will not need to change any settings on current devices.

Step by Step

  1. Choose a new email provider.
    1. You should continue to use domain based email, like, with the following suggested options:
      1. Rackspace (easiest to migrate from current service)
      2. G Suite
      3. Microsoft 365
      4. Registrar Based Email (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)
    2. You can switch to a simple email service without using your domain.
      1. This is not recommended as your business emails will look less professional/trustworthy (i.e.
  2. Create critical personnel accounts to mirror existing personnel accounts.
      1. Consider using aliases for accounts like sales@, orders@, or service@ instead of making it a dedicated inbox.
  3. Log into your Rackspace email account.
    1. Select the contact tab in the upper tool bar of the inbox.
    2. Export your contacts to the appropriate format based on which new email provider you've chosen.
    3. Go back to your inbox, and check the box on the left next to any important emails you would like to have in the new email service, then click More and Export to Zip to save these emails externally.
  4. Import your contacts to your new email service.
  5. Import your important emails to your new email service.
  6. Let us know when you're ready to make the switch, and we can change the MX records so your email begins to flow to your new account.
    1. You should not see an interruption in your email service. Any emails that come in during the time of the switch will get properly routed as soon as the changes are done on our end.
  7. Log in to and setup message forwarding to your new email client.