Supplier Fulfillment

Learn the basics of what Supplier Fulfillment does, and how to set it up.

Supplier Fulfillment allows you to have QBP and Trek (U.S. only), or LTP Sports (Canada only), fulfill orders directly to your online customers. Enabling this feature removes you as an intermediary for some online orders saving you time.

Set Up

Note: You must first have your shopping cart active to take online orders to turn Supplier Fulfillment on. Setting up the shopping cart is free!

  • Get approval from Trek or QBP if you're in the US, or LTP Sports if you're in Canada. Reach out to your rep for each supplier to get approved. 
  • Reach out to the Success team, and we will help you get set up with Supplier Fulfillment. There are some technical pieces on our end to take care of. 
    • Note: there is a $90 setup fee and an additional $35 monthly fee for Supplier Fulfillment (this includes all suppliers).
  • Run a test order through each partner to make sure everything works as intended, and you are familiar with the process.


Automatic Fulfillment

  • Check this box to automatically send fulfillment orders to your partners 
    • Decide whether to send orders or not based on whether or not you have the items in stock. 
    • Set whether or not you want to split shipments or not
  • Note: We do not recommend automating Supplier Fulfillment, as there's little to no recourse in the event of a fraudulent transaction.

Payment Capture

  • If you use, this can capture funds automatically when all items on an order are being supplier fulfilled.
  • SmartEtailing Payments and PayPal automatically capture payments, regardless of this setting.

Fulfillment Partners

  • You will need a valid Dealer/Location ID for each supplier you intend to partner with for fulfillment, whether it's QBP, Trek, or LTP Sports.
  • You will need to get approval from each supplier, then contact our Success team, and we will help you activate each supplier.


Supplier Brand Restrictions