Supplier Sync

Understanding the capabilities and setup involved with the Supplier Sync utility.

Supplier Sync is a unique utility with SmartEtailing, which allows you to leverage the stock that your suppliers have in their warehouses, and display that stock in specific ways on your website. The Local package allows you to fill in variations on items you have in stock (for example, different lengths or colors of a stem), and the Professional package allows you to show any item that a supplier has in stock. To access this section, navigate to Supplier / Brand > Supplier Sync.

We recommend configuring all these settings at once, and not navigating away from the page. When you submit changes on this page, it will take a few minutes to save.


Each of these suppliers has partnered with SmartEtailing to provide item data and inventory at least daily. We take that data and turn it into usable catalog items that populate your site.

  • Go through this list of vendors, checking the box next to each one you use, and appropriate warehouse locations for each one.
  • Once you've selected which suppliers you partner with, open the Exclusion Settings for each one.
    • Check the box next to any brands, product categories, or model years you do not want to appear on your site from that vendor.
    • Save changes in the pop-up.
    • Note: Some brands are automatically excluded, like Chris King, Camelbak, and others that require separate dealer agreements through any vendor.
To clarify, any supplier that has a box checked will appear on your site. Any box checked in Exclusion Settings will prevent specific brands, categories, or model years from appearing on your site.

Stock Status Display

  • Choose whether to display items that are in stock exclusively or all items that a supplier has ever had. Displaying all items in this setting will show everything in a suppliers' feed, including out of stock and prior model years that may be discontinued. For the best consumer experience we recommend only showing in-stock supplier items so your customers can easily navigate items they can purchase from you.

Stock Status Labels

  • For a deeper understanding of these settings, please read more here.

Supplier Preference

When a consumer orders a supplier sync item through your website, set which supplier is checked for inventory first.

  • If QBP is your best partner, put them as your top preference.
  • When items get ordered that you don't stock, it will prompt you to order them from QBP first, if QBP has that item in stock.
  • The system will move through the preference list until it finds inventory at a supplier you work with.

Ship From Labels

For each supplier you work with, you need to fill in a name that will appear to consumers.

  • You can be as opaque or transparent as necessary and label things like "Warehouse 1," "QBP - CO," or "Specialized."
  • Fill in the Shipping Time column with the maximum number of days it takes you to process orders from these suppliers.
    • Create a realistic expectation of when supplier items will arrive at your store and be available for pickup or shipping to a customer.


Control how prices appear on your site for supplier sync items.


  • Select High or Low MSRP, based on what your preference and pricing rules tend to be in your physical store.
    • Note: Only some suppliers provide both prices to SmartEtailing, so you may want to check on individual brands before selecting Low MSRP.

Markup Pricing

  • If a supplier is sending us Dealer Cost, the markup table will calculate a selling price.
  • Because most suppliers do not send dealer cost SmartEtailing does not recommend using it.

Custom Pricing

  • Supplier Sync items match the pricing that you have in your point of sale system whenever possible.
  • If you utilize QBP P.A.L. pricing, you can activate that here, though you will need to provide us with some additional information in order to fully integrate that pricing.
    • See More about P.A.L. pricing here.

Supplier Promotions

When suppliers run promotions on their own sites, some will send us adjusted pricing on any items supplier synced to your website. The most notable users of this are Trek and Specialized.

  • Select any brands you wish to display supplier sync promotional pricing for.
    • Note: This does not impact the pricing for items you physically have in stock, just items that appear through Supplier Sync.