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Template Publisher

Develop a thematic presence on your website to match your brand colors and feel.

Select a Template

  • View and select a new template to create the visual and navigation experience you are looking for on your site.
    • The template controls the header, search bar, and navigation.
    • Content on any page is unaffected.
  • Click on any template you're interested in to enter the Design Template.
    • This allows you to make selections for navigation, footer, homepage, Custom CSS, and Custom JS and preview what your site will look like with those selections before publishing. 
    • Select Preview to see what your site would look like in that template with the  theme and settings you've selected.
    • Select Publish to change to that template.


  • Select between user-created themes and a Library Default for any Template you have active.

  • Edit your theme by clicking the green pencil or the Manage Themes button.

Custom CSS

  • Click Manage CSS to upload a global CSS file that will impact all pages of your website.
    • In the pop-up, uploaded files are on the left, and active files are on the right.
    • Click and drag a file from one side to the other to activate or deactivate it.
    • Submit changes to save any modifications you have made
  • Files will display as In Preview or Published
    • In Preview - Yes, Published - Yes: the file is active and will stay active when you save changes for the Template.
    • In Preview - Yes, Published - No: the file has been moved to Active but changes haven't been saved for the Template, and it isn't live on the site yet
    • In Preview - No, Published - Yes: the file has been moved out of Active but changes haven't been saved for the Template yet, and it is still live on the site.

Custom JS

  • Click Manage JS to upload a global Javascript file that can impact all pages of your website.
    • This functions the same as the CSS selector.