Third Party Integrations

Add additional services to your site for email collection, service scheduling, chat, and more.

SmartEtailing does not actively support or partner with these integrations, but these are the places to go for installation. 

Page Specific Integrations

  • Login to your SmartEtailing site.
  • Navigate to Content > Page Editor > find your desired page for the plugin, click the pencil to edit it.
  • Mouse over the brick wall in the corner and drag an HTML block onto your page.
    • Placement of the block matters for buttons or forms that are considered "in-line," if your integration is a pop-up or similar, placement of the block is less important.
  • Click Create and name the block, then click into the HTML/Text Input tab and paste the code from your integration.
  • Apply changes, then save changes on the page and reset your cache.

Site Wide Integrations

There are two separate ways to integrate site-wide code, and your application should give you further guidance on this.

If you need background code for a specific page (most common):

  • Navigate to Marketing > Custom Tags > Advanced.
  • Paste any universal code into the appropriate tags.
    • You have the option of Header, Opening Body, and Closing Body tags.
  • Save changes and reset the cache.

If you need an app to appear on every page:

  • Navigate to Display > Template Publisher > Javascript.
  • Upload the script in a .js format.
  • Drag the script to the right side and apply.
  • Save changes on the template publisher page

What Integrations Fall Into this category?

Service Appointment Apps: Beeline, Booxi, cykelWorkshop, Snap Appointments, and SetMore.

Bike Rental Apps: Bike Rental Manager, Booqable, Rent a Bike Now, and Velolet.

Chat Services: LiveChat and Zendesk.

Trade Ins: The Pro's Closet.