Troubleshooting Products

When products aren't showing up when you expect them to be, here are some places to check first.

If you're having issues with pricing on your site, please refer to Troubleshooting Pricing for help.

General Issues

Professional Website Subscribers

At the professional subscription level, you can display all the products in stock in your POS AND have full access to display your suppliers' warehouse inventory on your site. This means there are more places to look when a product is not behaving the way you expect it to. 

Local Website Subscribers

At the Local level, the items that appear on your site are strictly determined by what you have in stock in your POS system. Supplier inventory fills in gaps in variations you may not have in stock, but if you do not stock any variation of the item, the product will not appear on your site.

The Product Is In My POS, But Not On My Website

You have it in stock, but it’s not on your site. How do you get it to appear? 

  • Have you confirmed it's not waiting in POS Sync > Pending Mapping?
  • Have we created the item in the Library? Go to Catalog > Library and search the brand and model year.
    • If yes, then continue reading below.
    • If no, contact us to see if the brand or item is going to be entered soon.
  • Is your POS sending us info? Go to POS Sync > File Upload Log to check the date of the last file your point of sale system has sent in.
    • If the File Creation Date is recent then use the POS Sync Troubleshooting below to make sure the item is in your file and correct.

Get More Products to Appear

 Find out what isn't showing up on your site and make the needed adjustments to get it there. Download your POS Sync file: POS Sync > File Upload Log: Select Download Mapping Report and use Excel to sort and filter the point of sale data coming in.

Open the POS Sync file in Excel and do a little formatting to begin.

format cell-1
  • Expand the column widths so you can see more of the data each contains. 
  • Some of these columns (SKU, MPN, GTIN) may still look odd, 7.46E+11 for example. This simply means the cell needs to be formatted as a number.  Select the column and right click, select Format Cell to quickly format the entire range.
Filter the data to remove unneeded item information. Data > Filter, then select desired column heading
  • data filterMapped column: Deselect Yes to show only N/A and No. Yes means there is already a match between the systems.
    • Any items that appear in the Mapping Report that are marked as "No" means they had a part number that matched a different item and the box was left unchecked in Pending Mapping.
  • BOH column (Balance on Hand): Deselect '0' to only show items in stock.
Sort the data by Price column, Largest to Smallest to see the higher priced items at the top of the list. These will typically be your priority. Do the items contain either an MPN (column C) or a GTIN (column T)?
  • If Yes, confirm that we have created these products in Catalog > Library Items.
  • Not all items we create contain both MPN and GTIN. It's possible we have only GTIN, while you have only MPN, for example.
  • download upc listUse the Download MPN/GTIN button in the Catalog Library to get a list of the numbers we have associated with the items you can add to your POS to make the match.
  • If the products are in our Library and the Download MPN/GTIN list returns 'There are no MPN / GTIN records' message, these items can be manually imported and edited to add your part numbers, in the appropriate field.
  • If we have not created the catalog items in our Library, and they are important to your business, please contact us to see if the products will be created. If not, you can create them in Your Items and they will map to your POS for pricing and inventory status.
Are all your locations reporting?
  • Check column N - Balance on Hand (BOH) Location to see the reporting locations.
    • Location Name will be followed by the quantity on hand at that location. 
Are items missing that should be in the POS file?
  • First, confirm they did not map automatically and are part of that "Yes" group you removed. 
  • Confirm they did not accidentally get left unchecked during Pending Mapping, by checking for them in Mapping Search. 
  • Check your point of sale system item to confirm it meets the criteria to be included - either MPN or GTIN/UPC must be entered or there will be nothing in our system to make a match to.
  • Use the Download MPN/GTIN list from the Library to help update. your POS.
    • There are some brands that we do not get UPCs or MPNs for, some European bike brands notably, and you will have to manually import these items to your site in order to get them to display. For more information about importing items, read up on Library Items.
  • If the items are not in Library Items, please send us an email requesting the brand be entered into the library. Be sure to include any contacts you have at the brand to aid in our outreach to them.

    I'm out of stock of this item, why is it still on my site?

    Does one of your supplier partners have the item in stock? To see their inventory of the item, go to Catalog > Library Items

    • Refine by brand, model year and keyword search for the item.
    • Click the black box under Mapped on the far right of the results screen to see what variations suppliers still have in stock.
    Both myself and the supplier are out of stock, why is it still appearing?

    Go to Commerce > Stock Status Management

    • Check your settings to make sure they match the best practice settings shown below:


    • Local Website Subscribers won't see this information and your default settings should not allow an out of stock product to appear. Please contact us.

    I no longer want a brand to appear on my site

    You can change the brands or categories that display for any Supplier you've selected under Supplier/Brands > Supplier Sync
    • Find each supplier that you have activated that carries that brand.
    • Open Exclusion Settings: Brand for each active supplier and check the box next to the brand you no longer want to appear on your site.
    • Save changes at the bottom of the page when you've done this for all suppliers.
      • and and model year of the new inventory to make sure it's actually in our Library.
    • If the items are not in Library Items, please send us an email requesting the brand be entered into the library. Be sure to include any contacts you have at the brand to aid in our outreach to them.
    The information on this item is incorrect, what do I do?

    Please send us an email with some screenshots of the item that is incorrect, along with corroborating information that is correct, from one or more source if possible.

    • We work with our content team and the brand or supplier to get the right information into that item as soon as possible, usually within the same business day.