Updating Your Store Hours

You don't want customers to show up to an empty store expecting to find you open when you are not.

On Your SmartEtailing Website

Display > Store Information

  • Single Store: Make sure your hours are accurate as the seasons change.
    • If you have seasonal hours, it pays to make the changes as soon as you make them in-store. 
    • If you're entering the store hours as text, make sure the days are listed sequentially through the week, not broken up like Open: Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat | Closed: Thu/Sun.
    • We recommend using the default "Set Specific Hours" option.
  • Multi-Store: If your stores have separate hours, make sure to select "Hours Differ By Location."
    • Edit each location to make the hours correct.

Display > Footer Editor

  • Select your active responsive footer and edit your hours if they display in your footer.

Display > Banner Editor

  • It's rare that anyone is using a banner these days. See if you have a banner in use under Display > Site Settings before editing an outdated Banner.


Content > Page Editor > Responsive Store Location Page

  • The hours in the Locations section are directly from the Store Information above, but if you've added a content block with any custom hours information for holiday closures, be sure to update them as necessary.
    • When adding custom hours to this page, make sure to add start and end dates to the section so it displays only when necessary.

Home Page

  • Consider adding a thin single-column text block above the fold on your page, with a short note about what days you may be closed, or what your special hours may be around holidays.
    • Add a start and end date to the section so that it displays only when necessary.
    • Use a single content block and adjust for each holiday or special closing so your page isn't too cluttered in page editor. 

On Google

Google My Business

  • Google makes this very easy to do: here are instructions.
    • Add hours or closures for specific days that will be different than your normal hours—there is no need to change the hours back afterward if you follow the instructions.
  • We don't want anyone to show up to an empty store, so do this ASAP!
  • Your customers may already be planning to visit you on a day with different hours than normal—Google will show your special hours in search results and in Google Maps.

On Apple Maps

Iphone users may use Apple Maps to find you. 

  • Go to mapsconnect.apple.com and sign into your business account.
  • If you don't have an Apple ID you should create one to help your customers find you.