Adding Video Content to Your Site

Videos on your website are a great way to inform and engage your visitors, and can be easily added using a preformatted embed code.

Adding Videos to Content Blocks

    Videos must first be uploaded to a service such as YouTube, or Vimeo to be used on a SmartEtailing website. Videos cannot be directly uploaded to SmartEtailing.

    • Go to and find the video you want on your website.
    • Locate and copy the Embed Code for the video by clicking "Share" and then selecting "Embed Code."

    YouTube video dimensions are set to a default of 560 x 315 pixels. These dimensions can be changed as needed.

    • Add the YouTube embed code to any content block by clicking the Insert Video icon, and select the "Embedded Code" option in the pop-up.

    Adding Videos to Product Pages

    • You can add videos to individual product pages using the same embed code.
    • To insert a video on a product page, locate the item in Your Items, click the Edit icon, and select the Images/Video tab, you'll see a prompt to Add Embed Video.