How Bike Shops are Responding to COVID-19

What are other bike shops doing?

We are consolidating the most common operational pivots our customers are making to help you as you consider your options.

Limit hours or access

  • Use website as sales tool to respect customer need for social distancing.
  • Close showroom but keep service department open.
  • Limit the number of hours each day the business is open.
  • Limit the number of days each week the business is open.
  • Accept appointments online or by phone for personal shopping.
  • Allow a limited number of customers in the store at any time.
  • Allow customers in entryway only. Sales team brings items to the customer at the front of the store. This limits the amount of cleaning and potential exposure.
  • Offering free pickup and drop-off for service work over dollar threshold.
  • Setup a tent in the parking lot for repair intake and sales transactions.
  • Ask visitors to disinfect hands with free hand sanitizer at the door.
  • Place tape on the floor to keep customers an acceptable distance from employees.
  • Ask customers not to touch products
  • Maintaining a 6 foot personal space to the greatest extent possible
  • Closing physical store based on governmental restrictions on non-essential retail.
  • Closing physical store, but keeping online store open.
  • Obviously cleaning extensively in accordance with CDC recommendations

Visit Align with Restrictions on Retail Operations for communications tools.

Adjust website settings

Events and group rides

  • Most events and physical group rides are being cancelled.
  • Host virtual group rides using software like Zwift Meetup.
  • Host virtual challenges using software like Ride Spot.

Restrict offerings

  • Suspending bike fitting services.
  • Suspending bike rentals.
  • Restricting apparel handling, close fitting rooms.
  • Not accepting walk-in repairs.
  • Eliminating cash transactions.
  • Suspending public restroom usage.


  • Ask customers to tag business in social posts about cycling.
  • Promote gift cards as a way to support small businesses.
  • Promote online ordering (home delivery and curbside pickup).
  • Promote indoor cycling and smart trainers.
  • Encourage customers to ride safely and offer solutions.

Use care in outbound marketing. Bike shops can be a cherished destination in this time of need, but consumer sentiment can swing wildly around businesses that appear to be profiting during difficult times. This is a challenging environment for marketing.