Where Will You Ship?

Choose the countries, states, and/or provinces to which you will ship merchandise purchased on your site.

Shipping Countries

When a customer is on the Checkout screen, they choose their Country from a pull-down menu. This utility allows you to choose the Countries to which you will ship the items purchased on your site.

Selecting Countries

  • Check each Country's box to add it to your list of Countries that you want to ship to. 

By default, United States is the only country selected.

Shipping States

Choosing states is similar. Customers are asked to choose their State or Province from a pull-down menu. The default Country is displayed based on your store's physical location as noted in Display > Store Location.

Selecting States or Provinces

  • Select the Country to edit, then check each State or Province's box to add it to your list of places.
  • Only states or provinces checked will be available for selection when a consumer is placing an order on the front-end of your site.

    • The default list for United States includes all of the Continental US States.
    • US Military addresses are also available. 
    • The default list for Canada includes every Province.