Buy Local Now™

Connecting brands and local retailers to offer consumers seamless local shopping


An Integrated Data Network

Buy Local Now™ is a real-time product locating technology provided by SmartEtailing that connects ready-to-buy consumers on brand websites with local stocking retailers.


Local bike shops reporting


Consumers referrals annually


Local purchases from referrals


There is no cost for local bike shops to report data and receive qualified referrals.

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Connecting Brands and Local Retailers

When a brand integrates with Buy Local Now™ they connect ready-to-buy consumers on brand websites with local stocking retailers. Consumers benefit with access to same-day product availability in their local markets. Brands benefit by offering a smooth path-to-purchase within the IBD channel. Retailers benefit with qualified local shoppers visiting their local website. The more retailers and brands who join the free Buy Local Now™ network the more powerful the tool becomes.

SmartEtailing Connects Brands and Retailers

Why Buy Local Now™ Works

Buy Local Now™ is a product locating tool that makes it easy for consumers to go from researching an item on a brand page to purchasing at a local bike shop. A Buy Local Now™ button on a brand's website shows consumers immediate local availability and guides them to make a purchase from a local retailer. The traditional "Dealer Locator" link is a good first step for brands, but consumers have become accustomed to real-time inventory and single-click convenience. Buy Local Now™ solves that problem for the bike industry.

Buy Local Now Works For Bike Shops

How Modern Consumers Shop

85% of consumers research their purchases online before making an in-store purchase. Millions of these consumers start their shopping at brand websites rather than retailer websites. As consumers browse products on a brand site and develop a preference for a specific model, Buy Local Now™ enables a brand's website to easily refer consumers to local retailers who currently have the item in stock to make a purchase. This powerful tool works because it takes local store and availability information to the brand website where a consumer is researching purchases.

Buy Local Now and SmartEtailing Make Shopping Easy

Retailers Participate For Free

This service is FREE. No strings attached. Retailers with a SmartEtailing website who use our POS Sync and Supplier Sync options are automatically included in Buy Local Now™ referrals. But retailers don't need to have a SmartEtailing website to participate. Local bike retailers can register for a free Buy Local Now™ account to self-manage their store listings. Stores may elect to enroll in our POS Sync and/or Supplier Sync options to gain more referrals based on in-stock and in-warehouse inventory availability.

Buy Local Now is Free For Bicycle Retailers

Questions About Buy Local Now™

Fundamentally Buy Local Now™ is a simple concept; bike industry brands can add a “Buy Local” button to their website and our data network can direct local shoppers to the bike shop nearest them with the product in stock or capable of ordering. For SmartEtailing website customers, the consumer can click directly from the brand website to the appropriate product on the local bike shop website, creating a seamless shopping experience. There is a lot to learn about how the system works and how to participate, so visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions.

Common Questions About Buy Local Now