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Buy Local Now™ is a product locating platform powered by SmartEtailing that connects ready-to-buy consumers with local stocking retailers.


Local bike shops can report inventory data and receive free qualified local referrals.

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What is Buy Local Now?

Buy Local Now™ is a product locator service created to help cyclists find products at their local bike shop. This technology is used by leading brands like Giant, Cannondale, Salsa, Park Tool, Kryptonite, and many more. Buy Local Now™ data appears on each product detail page of their brand website and helps consumers see local stocking retailers. Buy Local Now also has a consumer website that shoppers can use to find name brand cycling products near them.

SmartEtailing Connects Brands and Retailers

Brands participating in the Buy Local Now network

Bike shops join for free

Any local bike shop with a compatible point of sale system can sign up for a FREE Buy Local Now™ subscription. Retailers with a SmartEtailing website offer consumers a superior shopping experience because shoppers are one click away from purchasing. While all local bike shops can benefit from Buy Local Now™ referrals, SmartEtailing websites are optimized to take advantage of the deep integration between Buy Local Now™ and SmartEtailing websites.

Buy Local Now Works For Bike Shops

1% of revenue goes to marketing bike shops

SmartEtailing is more than a website provider. We are an active partner in helping bike shops thrive. Buy Local Now™ is a way for our company to help bike shops and premium cycling brands grow. We allocate 1% of bike shop website subscriptions to advertise bike shops to consumers. By joining in the SmartEtailing network, you are contributing to the effort to help bike shops thrive.

Buy Local Now and SmartEtailing Make Shopping Easy

Suppliers display product for free

Cycling suppliers who provide product content with UPC numbers to SmartEtailing are automatically enrolled to display products and refer buyers to local bike shops. For an additional fee, you can connect your warehouse to this network to help your retailers sell even more of your product. SmartEtailing actively markets your products through to help your local dealers get your product in front of local consumers. When a cyclist is ready to buy, they are referred to the local bike shop to purchase.


Suppliers can integrate data with your website

Thousands of local bike shops report their inventory levels to the Buy Local Now™ network and suppliers can integrate this product locator technology in your brand website to help consumers find and buy your product. You can install a prebuilt module on your website or upgrade to a native website integration. You can create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. There is a lot to learn about how the system works and how to participate, so visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions.

Common Questions About Buy Local Now