Helping Local Retailers With Compliance

SmartEtailing’s free MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Protection Service helps brands and retailers work together more efficiently to reduce operational costs, accidental pricing policy violations, and protect brand value. SmartEtailing has developed proprietary technology to facilitate MAP compliance within the SmartEtailing website network of independent bicycle retailer websites. This service is free to brands and retailers, automatically helping retailers avoid accidental advertised price violations and brands protect their products’ value.

Helping with Compliance


How It Works

Our MAP Protection Service helps to prevent accidental MAP violations by bicycle retailers utilizing a SmartEtailing website.

Brands supply SmartEtailing with a file containing four pricing fields: High MSRP, Low MSRP, MAP, and Sale Price. Brand’s resend this file anytime there is a pricing change. SmartEtailing associates all items in a retailer’s online catalog with the MAP pricing and ensures that the price published to consumers online remains in compliance with MAP policies, even if an item’s price in the local retailer’s POS is lower.

This service prevents most common accidental MAP violations by retailers that occur when brand pricing changes but local POS systems aren’t updated with the most current pricing.

Controlling Sale Pricing

SmartEtailing’s MAP Protection Service also offers the ability to control sale pricing and associated time-frames. If a brand offers nation-wide discount pricing during a promotional period then MAP files delivered to SmartEtailing can include promotional pricing along with promotional pricing start and end dates. This makes it easy for retailers to capitalize on nationwide promotional events while still remaining in compliance.

Combining our free MAP Pricing service with a third-party service that polices the internet more broadly for MAP infringement is a best practice for brands. While SmartEtailing doesn't actively police our platform for MAP violations, we do act immediately, decisively, and consistently when a brand informs us of a violation.

MAP Protection Service Highlights

  • Automatic default local SmartEtailing website pricing within MAP compliance
  • Real-time alerts and updates provided to retailers
  • Immediate action to resolve violations and avoid restrictions
  • Latest policies and prices available for look-up 24/7

While SmartEtailing does not actively police and enforce MAP policies for brands, we make it easy for brands and retailers to avoid accidental advertised price violations, avoid marketplace disruption, and save time spent on violation enforcement.

Participating Brands