Local Bike Shops Can Offer Expanded Selection

SmartEtailing is the industry’s premier provider of integrated supply chain solutions. Our powerful tools enable local retailer websites to display both their local inventory and the inventory in their participating supplier warehouses. This way, consumers have immediate access to availability information, increasing the likelihood that local retailers will attract consumers and close sales.

Connected Bike Shops


How Retailers Benefit

As a retailer, if you choose to enable ecommerce functionality on your site, you are better positioned to close sales online for purchases that can then be picked up in-store or delivered directly to the customer’s home (as allowed by dealer agreements). SmartEtailing supplier services empower the specialty channel to compete and thrive in a changing market. In select cases, suppliers can offer direct fulfillment to deliver consumers a seamless and rapid online shopping experience while supporting local independent retailers.

How Retailers Benefit

How Brands Benefit

Brands in the cycling industry have a challenge in that you create a wide range of quality products that you believe in but your authorized local retailers only have the floor space to stock a limited cross-section of your line. With SmartEtailing supplier integrations you can empower your local retailers and their local consumers to see your full range of products with clear visibility on availability and pricing. This solution allows you to maintain and even nurture your local partners by expanding their ability to leverage your brand and reduce barriers for consumers to buy your products.

How Brands Benefit


Supplier Sync is an optional feature for SmartEtailing website clients that displays a supplier's catalog items in a retailer's SmartEtailing product catalog, and shows the stock status based on a supplier's inventory.

For suppliers, Supplier Sync ensures that many more of your in-stock products are presented to consumers on local retailers' websites, including products the retailers do not have in stock but can get quickly from the chosen supplier.

With Supplier Sync, the number of products displayed on a retailer’s site can instantly increase by hundreds, possibly thousands. And, the retailer and the consumer knows that these are products that they can get quickly because the supplier has them in stock.

Retailers love Supplier Sync and we often hear about incremental sales, the acquisition of new customers, and most interesting, the discovery of product demand that wasn't anticipated.

Supplier Sync also offers the option of displaying pricing based on the supplier's promotional pricing. For end-consumer sales promotions, the supplier can include a sale price and a date range for the promotion. Retailers simply check a box to have those promotional prices displayed on their website for Supplier Sync products. This creates an opportunity for retailers and suppliers to collaborate on national promotions and the liquidation of product.

Participating Supplier Sync Brands


  • Accell North America
  • ASI
  • Blackout Distribution
  • BTI
  • Cervelo
  • Cycling Sports Group
  • Downeast Bicycle
  • Felt Bicycles
  • Fox Racing
  • Giant
  • Giant RS
  • Hans Johnsen
  • Haro Bicycles


  • Hawley Lambert
  • Highway Two
  • J&B Importers
  • Jamis Bicycles
  • KHS
  • LTP Sports
  • QBP
  • Santa Cruz
  • Serfas
  • Shimano Bike
  • Specialized Bicycle Components
  • Trek
  • Wilson Bicycle Sales


  • Cervelo
  • Cycling Sports Group
  • Fox Racing
  • Giant
  • Hawley Lambert
  • LTP Sports
  • Orange Sport Supply
  • Outdoor Gear Canada
  • Santa Cruz
  • Shimano Bike
  • Specialized
  • Trek


Supplier Fulfillment is an optional feature that enhances Supplier Sync by making it possible for suppliers to provide direct fulfillment for consumer orders placed on a qualified SmartEtailing retailer's websites. This tool allows retailers to sell product directly out of supplier warehouses while still making full margin as determined by the supplier.

How it works:

  • Supplier's in-stock products are automatically displayed on qualified local retailers' websites via SmartEtailing's Supplier Sync
  • Consumers purchase the supplier's in-stock products on their local retailer's website
  • SmartEtailing passes the order details to the supplier
  • The supplier ships the order to the consumer and passes fulfillment details back to the retailer's website
  • SmartEtailing marks the order as "fulfilled" and the retailer captures online payment for the completed order
  • The supplier invoices the retailer for items fulfilled on their behalf

With Supplier Fulfillment, retailers and suppliers can integrate for mutual success. Suppliers enjoy increased sales while supporting and strengthening their best local retail partners. Retailers enjoy substantial time-savings and increased customer satisfaction by quickly delivering a more comprehensive product selection beyond what they are able to keep in stock in their stores.

Typically, participating suppliers charge a small fee for shipping orders through Supplier Fulfillment. But retailers maintain nearly a full margin on products, offering a benefit over brand-direct sales commissions.

And most importantly, the end consumer enjoys their new purchases more quickly as a result of the supplier's fulfillment efficiencies.

Brands Using Supplier Fulfillment

  • LTP Sports (Canada)
  • QBP Retail Fulfillment Services (US)
  • Trek Fulfillment (US)
  • Specialized S-Fulfillment (US)
  • HLC Doorstep Delivery (US + Canada)