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Connecting local bike Shops

SmartEtailing is a powerful connection between your brand and nearly 2,000 local bicycle dealers in North America. We provide retailers a sophisticated website to market your product assortment in compliance with your policies and standards, plus, we can integrate local bike shop inventory on your brand website. We are your complete solution for helping cyclists discover your product at their local bike shop.

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Promote Your Brand on BIKE SHOP WEbsites

Partner with us for qualified reach + engagement with your marketing dollars. 

Integrated bike shop website platform

SmartEtailing websites offer the functionality consumers expect from modern retailers; automatically displaying product details, pricing, availability, and purchase options.

  • Pre-built cycling catalog
  • Accurate pricing and availability
  • Product locator technology
  • Shopping cart + online payment enabled
  • Direct access to brand promotions
  • In-store pickup
  • Ship to home
  • Embed powerful widgets or tools

Optimize sales from each retail location

Brick-and-mortar retail stores are important to local cyclists buying your products, and retailers need an effective website so consumers know what products are in stock or available to buy.

  • Properly represent your full product assortment online
  • Centrally update product details
  • Search engine optimized product listings
  • Accurate pricing and purchasing rules
  • Amplify product launches
  • Improve sell-through and minimize closeouts
  • Maintain brand standards on retail websites
  • Deploy promotional pricing and marketing

Your dealer locator becomes a product locator

The SmartEtailing Buy Local Now™ service is a real-time product locating technology that connects consumers on your brand website with local stocking retailers.

  • Thousands of bike shops reporting daily stock status
  • Easy integration on your brand website
  • Link from your website to correct product on retailer websites
  • Advanced data integration to power your B2C solution
  • Integrates with leading point of sale systems
  • Data collection and delivery managed by SmartEtailing

We help you with channel management

The most successful bike shops work with us to build a custom website on the SmartEtailing platform to align with their brand and goals.

  • MAP Protection built into the application
  • Daily updates of pricing and availability
  • Promotional pricing for coordinated national discounts
  • Accurate product information across all retailers
  • Fulfillment services to help local retailers sell online
  • Connected with the Google ecosystem, not 3P marketplaces

Your best dealers are on our platform

SmartEtailing is the industry’s premier provider of bike shop websites. Hundreds of the nation’s best retailers are already using our platform, and more join every year. The more you engage with features available from SmartEtailing, the more effective your retailers can be at selling your product. We help you solve the problem of digitally marketing your product on retailer websites.

You control who sells your product online

In order to access the SmartEtailing platform a retailer must have an established physical retail location open to the public during normal shopping hours. Our mission is to help local bike shops compete in a digital world. Through our careful curation of retailers, you can trust that your brand will align with the most successful independent bicycle dealers in North America.